Activities and Programme

Sprockets is a Go-Ride club focussed on having fun through cycle sport.   The sessions are based upon the British Cycling Go Ride syllabus and currently covers core riding, cyclo-cross and mountain bike disciplines.   

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Sprockets Cycle Club has the following aims:

      More young people cycling more often.

      All riders improve confidence, competence and performance.

      Young riders enjoying cycling and achieving their cycling goals.

Sprockets Rugrats  up to 6(ish)* (Starting Jul 2021)

0950 Registration

1000 Supervised play on bikes; we are not even going to describe this as coaching, we just plan on having fun.  Riders need to be able to start and pedal unaided and not need parental support.  Cake Break about half way through the session. A guardian must stay on site to manage hygiene breaks or loss of energy. 

1055 - find lost riders and return them to guardian.

Sprockets Rogues and Rascals - 6*- 9 Years old  

9:50    Registration 

10:00   Session Begins with a Helmet and Bike Check then fun activities promoting balance, coordination and technique.   Cake Break about half way through session.

10:50    Debrief and look ahead to next session.

Sprockets Racers - 9 -16 Years old   

10:50   Registration 

11:00   Helmet and Bike Check followed by warm up

11:10   Session 1 -  Usually a skill or technique  promoting coordination and performance   

11:40   Cake Break

11:50   Session 2 - Usually a more competitive session

12:25   Debrief and look ahead to next session.

Graduation from Rugrats to Rogues and then on to Racers is less dependent on age than on strength of riding.   Rogues sessions build confidence and technique while Racers sessions tend to be faster cycling with greater levels of competition and emphasis on performance.  On the other end of the spectrum, the Rugrats are just there to have a good time. The Coaches will make a judgement on which group will most benefit an individual rider and make recommendations to their parents.   

We do, on occasion, take Rascals who are younger than 6 but only on a case by case basis and subject to a Coaches assessment.   An invitation to join the Rascals is dependent on their ability to ride well enough and to take instruction as part of a group.   

The club is not set up teach youngsters to ride their bikes although most of the coaches do offer private lessons should you need them.

Joining Sprockets 

There is an induction session once each month for Rascals, Rogues and Racers, this is where all new riders start and where you can try Sprockets out to see if it is for you.  We use this session to place riders in the appropriate coaching group for regular sessions. Once induction has occurred there is no requirement to attend every week.

Induction for Rugrats is done with guardians and not riders and has been stripped down to the essential requirements to run a safe session. Our expectation is that riders will cooperate in having fun and not need parents during the activities.  This is to build independence in riding and grow skill in a group setting.  There will not be overt coaching and we will not be teaching Rugrats to ride.  


Email us if you want to come along.

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