Membership and Costs

Little in life is entirely free and Sprockets must support itself to pay for equipment, venue hire and to support club activity.   Sprockets is run entirely by volunteers and is funded through membership and session fees.   

Session Fees, on a pay as you go basis, are £6 for each rider (£4 for Rugrats).  Booking and payment is online and in advance.

Should you wish to join Sprockets Cycle Club, Annual membership is £30.00 (£20 for each sibling) and includes :

For Sprockets members the Session Fee is £4 and is paid online when you book.   

Booking and Payment

In order to be covered by Insurance and British Cycling Regulations only riders who have registered are allowed to be coached.  We are also required by Government Covid-19 regulations to be able to manage bookings remotely and to be able to operate a Track and Trace system.  To meet all these requirements Sprockets uses an online Booking and Payment system called Coacha.  All riders who wish to attend a session at Sprockets, including the Induction Session, must first register on Coacha.   To do this please email the club and we will send you the link for your registration.


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