The Rugrats are our youngest riders and we aim to allow them to develop their riding skill and confidence through play.   There is no deliberate structure to their time, no set goals and no targets. Instead they will be guided by our Coaches and Young Volunteers in activities which help them to be become better riders.

In principle we will take riders of any age provided that they can ride confidently, start and stop on their own and that they are happy to be riding away from their parents.   You could look upon this as pre-school for bikes; young riders are passed over by nervous parents and they ride off without a backward look.   But like pre-school we have a system which builds this independence and have to be sure that riders are ready for this step (or pedal).


So before a Rugrat starts, they will be invited along to a visit.   Visiting time starts at 1025am  for Cake-break (50p for all cakes or cookies).  At the end of Cake break one of the Coaches will chat to the young rider and see how they handle themselves on a bike; they are also looking at independence and coachability.   We are not expecting to find fully formed Olympians, but we do need to see that the riders will be able to play on their bikes safely and with minimal intervention.

The visit is really the chance for the rider and parent to see if they want to join Rugrats now, or wish to wait until they do so.  Visits are free, and once completed, the Rider will be able to join the Rugrats sessions as often as they like.

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Rugrats:   Register at 9:50, session from 10am to 11am, Cake break in the middle.  

Rugrats Visits are free, and Rugrats Sessions are £4 each week.

A parent or guardian must remain on-site for all Rugrats sessions, Sprockets volunteers are not able to manage toilet breaks or a rider who has expended all their energy.